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Services for Students


Every year, the Reading Writing Lab engages in more than 3000 face-to-face tutorials. Tutorials last for 25-45 minutes and are customized to each student and their assignment. We do not simply proofread or edit papers, but if you are willing to sit down with a tutor and discuss your assignments, our tutors can help you strengthen your writing.

The Reading Writing Lab's one-on-one tutorials can assist you with writing or reading assignments. Our tutors have diverse backgrounds, are studying a variety of disciplines, and have experience with multiple types of coursework and assignments.

Our purpose is to improve your reading and writing skills, not to proofread and fix your paper for you. This means we need your involvement and input throughout the tutorial. Come prepared with an idea of what you need help with to make the process smoother and more efficient.

Make an appointment with us by sending an email to


*You can schedule 1 appointment per day.
*You can have 2 appointments per week.
*Appointments can be scheduled up to 2 weeks in advance.
*If you're 5 minutes late, your appointment time may be given to a student on the wait list.
*If you are 10 minutes late, your absence will be recorded as a MISS.
*3 missed appointments will result in loss of scheduling privileges for the semester. You may still use the wait list.
*Your appointment must be at least 15 minutes long to receive a stamped form.
*You must bring a freshly printed copy of your paper to the tutorial (free from markings).


Throughout the semester, tutors will host workshops on various aspects of writing, grammar, and research. These workshops include topics such as writing a strong thesis statement, organizing a research paper, citing sources, etc. All students are invited to attend. Times and dates will vary with each semester. Check our workshop schedule here.

Lab Programs

The lab program is a semester-long program that is intended to help improve a specific area of writing throughout the semester. The purpose is to learn how to write acceptable essays and utilize available resources to identify and overcome writing problems. Our labs are focused on writing, not grammar. Therefore, the lab program is writing intensive.

You will be referred to the lab program by your teacher if he or she feels you could benefit from it. Enrollment is open for the first two weeks of the semester. Your teacher will give you the referral form. Please complete the form and submit it via email at, or bring it to us in MCK 199.


*You will have one lab tutorial per week. Lab appointments don't count toward the two-per-week limit, so you may still schedule two regular appointments.
*Confirmation of your attendance will be sent to your teacher every week.
*The lab program will continue until the end of the semester or until you are released from the program by your teacher.
*If you miss two lab appointments without rescheduling, you will be automatically dropped from the program.
*Failure to meet requirements may affect your class grade.