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Services for Professors


The Reading Writing Lab provides daily one-on-one 25-45-minute tutorials to assist your students with reading or writing assignments. Our tutors have diverse backgrounds, are studying a variety of disciplines, and have experience with multiple types of coursework and assignments. The purpose of tutorials is to provide all students with a free on-campus resource to help with every aspect of reading or writing.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the tutorials we offer or would like to suggest further assistance we can provide, contact us at (808) 675-3629 or


Throughout the semester, tutors will host workshops on various aspects of writing. These workshops include topics such as grammar, writing a strong thesis statement, organizing a research paper, citing sources, etc. All students are invited to attend. Times and dates vary with each semester. Check the current workshops schedule here.

In-class workshops are also available. If instructors would like a tutor to host an in-class workshop, contact the assistant coordinator at least two weeks in advance. Tutors may or may not be available at the specified time. In-class workshops can be catered to the topic of the course or instructors may choose topics from the workshops offered for that semester. Instructors may contact the assistant coordinator through e-mail at or by phone at (808) 675-3615.

Lab Appointments

The lab program is a semester-long program that is intended to help students improve a specific area of writing throughout the semester. The purpose is to learn how to write acceptable essays and utilize available resources to identify and overcome writing problems. Our labs are focused on writing, not grammar. Therefore, the lab program is writing intensive.

English 101 and 315 instructors may enroll students in the lab program if they feel their students could benefit from it. Labs are open for enrollment during the first two weeks of the semester. Instructors who would like to enroll students in the lab program should contact the assistant director for the referral form. This form will be used to track assignments, enrollment, and completion.

Faculty Contact

Instructors may contact JaNae Sika, the Reading Writing Lab assistant coordinator, at or call (808) 675-3615.